Sunday, August 5, 2012

Peach Sorbet

OK...While I have dropped off the face of the planet for quite some time, I now return with newer recipes.
This one I got from a cookbook that had been loaned to me by my brother. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the book or the author. There was a recipe for a fresh fruit sorbet that is really easy to make. The biggest thing was to use frozen fruit of your choice to make it. Since my hubby likes peaches, I decided to make a peach version. So without further ado....

Peach Sorbet
1 package of frozen peach slices
Superfine sugar
Peach nectar

Toss the frozen peach slices into the food processor. Add the sugar. Try a quarter cup to start with. Each batch of peaches is going to vary in sweetness. The same with the peach nectar. Pulse the fruit until it becomes small pieces. Stop and taste the mixture. Add more sugar and juice as needed to make a fairly smooth paste. Peaches can be fairly tart so it's up to you to decide how sweet versus how tart to make your puree. Once your desired sweetness is achieved, transfer puree into a freezer safe container. You could also fill dixie cups and add a stick to make your own ice pops.

Other fruits can also be made into sorbet like oranges though it takes time to remove individual segments from their membranes. It's worth it though because few supermarkets sell orange sorbet in this area. You probably use orange juice to make. For other fruits use apple juice since it have a fair light flavor that won't overwhelm your choice if you can not find a matching nectar. Check your local European-style market for additional fruit nectars.