Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazy Milk Tea

Even though I've perfected the recipe for homemade milk tea sometimes I'd rather not have to go through the effort. So I figured that I could achieve the same things with premade tea and evaporated milk. I chose evaporate milk over condensed milk because all of the premade teas available for purchase are already sweetened. I tried this with the Snapple Peach Tea and Snapple Lemon Tea, 1 gallon sized and a 15oz can of evaporated milk. After drinking off a bit of the tea from the bottle add about half of the can of milk to the tea. Shake well. You'll have to shake or stir the tea if it sits for any appreciable amount of time. The milk solids tend to drift to the bottom of the bottle.

Result: the peach tea milk tea was tolerable, not spectacular. Now the lemon tea was a different matter. The lemon flavor was so strong that the milk virtually neutrallized the black tea flavor, leaving the lemon behind. It was so awful that I couldn't drink more than half the lemon milk tea.